Sequoia Mike 3A GPS antenna 3M cable RA MMCX male connector


Sequoia Mike 3A GPS antenna 3M cable RA MMCX male connector
Sequoia Mike 3A GPS antenna 3M cable RA MMCX male connector Main Image
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Manufacturer SKU: MIKE3A-MMCXM

Manufacturer: Sequoia

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The Mike 3A is a compact Dual Mount GPS antenna, tuned to 1575.42MHz. Its small footprint of 47 x 35mm allows this antenna to fit onto most surfaces comfortably, and with a modest height of 17mm, it provides an unobtrusive profile.

Dual mounting: with its magnetic base and separate adhesive pad, the Mike 3A can be mounted onto a range of surfaces. The Mike 3As IP67 rating makes it well suited as an outdoor GPS antenna that can be used for many different GPS applications including: vehicle/fleet/asset tracking and mobile applications, amongst many other general positioning applications.

The Mike 3A has a centre frequency of 1575.42MHz for GPS compatibility. The built in Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) provides a 28dB gain that makes this a high performance antenna, necessary for strong signal reception from visible satellites, as well as a shorter time to obtain them.


Temperature range:-40 to 85C
Impedance:50 ohm
VSWR:2.0 max
Voltage and supply current: 3.0 - 5.0V / 8923mA
Centre frequency:1575.42MHz
Amplifier:2 stage LNA with SAW filter for out of band attentuation
Noise figure:1.4dB typical
Axial ratio:1.0dB typical

Key Specifications - Mechanical

Dimensions:47 x 35 x 17mm (without cable)
Cable:RG174 3M
IP rating: IP67
Mounting method: Magnetic
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