HiWatch Portable USB Type-C SSD 240GB

Hiwatch DS-UESSD240G-T100I

HiWatch Portable USB Type-C SSD 240GB
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Manufacturer SKU: DS-UESSD240G-T100I

Manufacturer: Hiwatch

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The HiWatch DS-UESSD240G-T100I is a portable USB type-c SSD with a small volume, large capacity design. The DS-UESSD240G-T100I lets you quickly and safely back up or move important images, files or recordings directly from your NVR to another location or for long term storage. The DS-UESSD240G-T100I can also be used as a small, shock/drop resistant expansion drive for windows, MacOS or Android 4.0+. You can even mount it on your keys.


Model DS-UESSD240G-T100I
Capacity 240 GB
Connectable devices Computer/Laptop/Android mobile phone/Android tablet (with OTG)
Max. reading speed 450 MB/s
Max. writing speed 400 MB/s
Interface 1 x Type-C USB 3.0
Dimensions 68 x 68 x 11.2 mm
Weight 36.5 g (0.1 lb)
Material Plastic with piano black
Color Black/Grey
Indicator Read/Write indicator
Supported system Windows/MacOS/Android 4.0 and above
Authentication CE/ ROHS/ REACH/ WEEE/ FCC/ UL/ IC
Working temperature (Degrees Celsius) 0 C to +40 C
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