Ubiquiti IsoStation Mounting Bracket - IS-MB

Ubiquiti Networks IS-MB

Ubiquiti IsoStation Mounting Bracket - IS-MB
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Manufacturer: Ubiquiti Networks

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The Ubiquiti IsoStation Mounting Bracket or IS-MB, is an adjustable mounting bracket designed for use with the IS-5AC or IS-M5. The IS-MB provides vertical and horizontal adjustability for an easy and much more flexible install, allowing you to achieve the perfect, level alignment. Made from long lasting die-cast aluminium, the IS-MB supports up to 50mm poles with the bolts provided.

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Stephen D 4 years ago
A very nicely made die-cast bracket that is specifically for the Ubiquiti IsoStation range. Lots of adjustment possible, along with firm clamping. You can also remove one half of the pole clamp at the rear and screw the bracket directly to a flat surface. Would definitely buy again.
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