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Tachyon 60GHz

Welcome to the world of high-end 60GHz networking technology with Tachyon Networks. Their range of 60GHz devices, including the TNA-301, TNA-302, and TNA-303X, represents the pinnacle of innovation and performance in the realm of fixed wireless and industrial networking solutions.

TNA-301 and TNA-302: Industry-Leading PTP and PTMP Radios

The TNA-301 and TNA-302 radios are industry-leading PTP and PTMP mmWave radios operating in the 60GHz band, providing a perfect solution for ISPs deploying multi-gigabit fixed wireless access and related applications such as video surveillance, campus WiFi backhaul, and more.

TNA-303X: Modular 60GHz PTP and PTMP Radio

The TNA-303X is the latest addition to Tachyon's 60GHz product line, supporting the full 60GHz band and featuring an innovative modular design. Its base unit provides 90° of beam-forming coverage and can be paired with a Tachyon antenna kit (sold separately) to convert the radio from a wide beam-steering device to a highly directional one.

Tachyon's 60GHz devices offer unparalleled performance, easy aiming, longer wireless links, and dynamic TDMA mode for optimal scheduling mechanisms. The TNA-300 series supports the full 60GHz band, providing additional opportunities for AP co-location at installation sites.

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