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LinITX is delighted to announce we are increasing the variety and frequency of our training courses in 2024 - further courses will be added to the schedule when available.

Our courses are internationally renowned, we have dedicated training facilities at our head office in Needham Market alongside an additional location in Sheffield with training provided by Ron Touw and Jono Thompson.

Ron Touw's experience comes from over 40 years of wireless background working for the UK Government, including Ofcom, holding multiple certifications in Ubiquiti, MikroTik, Ruckus, Meru, HP and Rohde & Schwarz.

Jono Thompson brings his experience in routing, switching and wireless in the enterprise networks sector into the courses he teaches, with some of this experience being condensed into his presentations at the MikroTik User Meetings (MUMs). Jono also created the new MTCSWE course, and peer reviewed new MTCEWE with author Ron Touw and co-reviewer Barry Higgins.

We are also able to provide MikroTik and Ubiquiti training courses to your staff on-site, potentially saving you time and money. If you need to book any training with special requirements or have a general training enquiry, please contact our team of experts on 01449 888000.

Course Feedback:

"Jono's training was excellent, wonderfully described and fully explained. His patience and detail was extraordinary and it was truly a pleasure to have taken this course from Jono as a trainer.

Jono is highly recommended and extremely knowledgeable on this subject, MikroTik, network design and management."

PETER FREEMAN - Managing Director - FreeClix

Download our LinITX Training Brochure 2024 for quick reference to all the courses we offer.

Date Duration Location Type Course Trainer
 17th-19th September 2024  3 days  Sheffield MikroTik   MTCNA Jono Thompson
 24th-25th September 2024  2 days  Needham Market Ubiquiti   UWA Jono Thompson
 15th-17th October 2024  3 days  Sheffield MikroTik   MTCSWE Jono Thompson
 5th-6th November 2024  2 days  Sheffield Ubiquiti   UWA Jono Thompson
 2nd-4th December 2024  3 days  Sheffield MikroTik   MTCRE Jono Thompson
 28th-29th January 2025  2 days  Sheffield Ubiquiti   UWA Jono Thompson
 11th-13th February 2025  3 days  Needham Market MikroTik   MTCNA Jono Thompson
 11th-12th March 2025  2 days  Needham Market Ubiquiti   UWA Jono Thompson
 18th-20th March 2025  3 days  Sheffield MikroTik   MTCTCE Jono Thompson


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