Draytek Vigor 2866 G.fast Dual-WAN VPN Firewall Router - Vigor2866

DrayTek Vigor2866

Draytek Vigor 2866 G.fast Dual-WAN VPN Firewall Router - Vigor2866
Draytek Vigor 2866 G.fast Dual-WAN VPN Firewall Router - Vigor2866 Main Image
Draytek Vigor 2866 G.fast Dual-WAN VPN Firewall Router - Vigor2866 product 
Draytek Vigor 2866 G.fast Dual-WAN VPN Firewall Router - Vigor2866 package contents

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Draytek Vigor 2866 G.fast Dual-WAN VPN Firewall Router - Vigor2866

The Draytek Vigor 2866 is a dual-WAN firewall router designed for SMB applications. It has one G.fast supported DSL WAN which can deliver speed up to 1 Gbps, and is backwards compatible with VDSL2 profile 35b supervectoring and ADSL2+. It also offers one fully configurable ethernet WAN.

To maintain business continuity the Draytek Vigor2866 supports load-balancing and failover along with a host of features including; VPN, QoS, route policy, firewall, content filtering, bandwidth management, captive hotspot portal and many more.

For SMB applications, the Draytek Vigor 2866 is the ultimate DSL router.

Vigor 2866
Fixed WAN Port1x RJ-11 for G.fast/VDSL2 35b/ADSL2+
LAN/WAN Switchable Port1x 10/100/1000Base-TX RJ-45
Fixed LAN Port5x 10/100/1000Base-TX RJ-45
USB Port2x USB 2.0
NAT Throughput800Mbps
NAT Throughput with Hardware Acceleration940Mbps (Single Ethernet/DSL WAN)
1.8 Gbps (Ethernet WAN + DSL WAN)
IPsec VPN Performance300 Mbps (AES 256 bits)
SSL VPN Performance150 Mbps
Max. Number of NAT Sessions60,000
Max. Concurrent VPN Tunnels32
Max. Concurrent OpenVPN + SSL VPN16
VDSL StandardsITU-T G.993.2 Annex A/B/M/Q
ITU-T G.993.5 (Vectoring)
VDSL2 Profile8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 12a, 12b, 17a, 35b
G.fast Profile106MHz, 212MHZ
ADSL StandardsITU-T G.992.1 (G.dmt), ITU-T G.992.3 (G.dmt.bis), ITU-T G.992.5 (ADSL2+) (G.adslplus), T1.413 Issue 2
Other StandardsITU-T G.994.1 (G.hs), ITU-T G.997.1 (G.ploam), ITU-T G.998.4 (Retransmission)
Band Plan998, 997
Internet Connection
IPv6PPP, DHCPv6, Static IPv6, TSPC, AICCU, 6rd, 6in4 Static Tunnel
802.1p/q Multi-VLAN TaggingYes
3G/4G/LTE WAN USB modem supportYes
Load BalancingIP-based, Session-based
WAN Active on DemandLink Failure, Traffic Threshold
Connection DetectionARP, Ping
WAN Data BudgetYes
Dynamic DNSYes
LAN Management
VLAN802.1q Tag-based, Port-based
Max. Number of VLAN16
Number of LAN Subnets8
DHCP ServerMultiple IP Subnet, Custom DHCP Options, Bind-IP-to-MAC
LAN IP AliasYes
Wired 802.1x AuthenticationYes
Port MirrioringYes
Local DNS ServerYes
Conditional DNS forwardingYes
Hotspot Web PortalYes
Hotspot AutheticationClick-Through, Social Logins, SMS PIN, Voucher PIN, RADIUS, External Portal Server
RoutingIPv4 Static Routing, IPv6 Static Routing, Inter-VLAN Routing, RIP, BGP
Policy-based RoutingProtocol, IP Address, Port, Domain, Country
High AvailabilityYes
DNS Security (DNSSEC)Yes
IGMPIGMP v2/v3, IGMP Proxy, IGMP Snooping and Fast Leave
Local RADIUS serverYes
SMB File SharingYes (requires external storage)
ProtocolsPPTP, L2TP, IPsec, L2TP over IPSec, SSL, GRE, IKEv2, IKEv2-EAP, IPsec-XAuth, OpenVPN
User AuthenticationLocal, RADIUS, LDAP, TACACS+, mOTP
IKE AuthenticationPre-Shared Key, X.509
IPsec AuthenticationSHA-1, SHA-256
EncryptionMPPE, DES< 3DES, AES
VPN Trunk (Redundancy)Load Balancing, Failover
Single-Armed VPNYes
NAT-Traversal (NAT-T)Yes
DrayTek VPN MatcherYes
Firewall and Content Filtering
NATPort Redirection, Open Ports, Port Triggering, DMZ Host, UPnP
ALG (Application Layer Gateway)SIP, RTSP, FTP, H.323
VPN Pass-ThroughPPTP, L2TP, IPsec
IP-based Firewall PolicyYes
Content FilteringApplication, URL, DNS, Keyword, Web Features, Web Category*

*Subscription required
DoS Attack DefenceYes
Spoofing DefenceYes
Bandwidth Management
IP-based Bandwidth LimitYes
IP-based Session LimitYes>
QoS (Quality of ServiceTOS, DSCP, 802.1p, IP Address, Port, Application
VoIP PrioritisationYes
Local ServiceHTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, SSH v2, FTP, TR-069
Config File Export and ImportYes
Config File CompatibilityVigor2865, Vigor2862, Vigor2860
Firmware UpgradeTFTP, HTTP, TR-069
2-Level Administration PrivilegeYes
Access ControlAccess List, Brute Force Protection
Notification AlertSMS, Email
SNMPv1, v2c, v3
Managed by VigorACSYes
Central VPN Management8 VPN
Central AP Management20 VigorAP
Central Switch Management10 VigorSwitch
Power SupplyDC 12V at 2A
Max. Power Consumption26.4W
Dimension241mm x 166mm x 46mm
Operating Temperature0 to 45°C
Storage Temperature-25°C to 70°C
Operating Humidity10% to 90%
  • 1x Vigor2866 Router
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
  • 1x UK PSU
  • 1x RJ-11 to RJ-11 Cable
  • 1x RJ-45 Cable
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