LigoWave 5GHz High-Capacity PtP PtMP Wireless Bridge - DLB 5ac

LigoWave DLB-5ac

LigoWave 5GHz High-Capacity PtP PtMP Wireless Bridge - DLB 5ac
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Manufacturer: LigoWave

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LigoDLB 5 ac 5GHz High-Capacity Wireless Device.

The Ligowave DLB 5ac is a connectorised radio for use with external N-type antennas. Making it suitable for a range of applications, such as a base station for PtMP networks or a narrow beam PtP link for congested urban areas. The firmware can also be changed, allowing the DLB 5ac to be used as a client WiFi device. The device can achieve 500+ Mbps throughput, a result of a powerful hardware platform coupled with an 802.11ac technology based radio and Ligowaves proprietary data transmission protocol (iPoll). Boasting a 750MHz QCA 9563 CPU, a QCA 9882 radio and 64 MB of RAM, the LigoDLB ac series devices are an ideal solution for capacity demanding applications. Advanced RF design with great output power and sensitivity parameters help improve range and capacity. The 24V passive PoE Gigabit Ethernet port allows you to utilise the full capacity of the radio when used in a point-to-point or point-to-multi-point modes.


  • 500+ Mbps capacity
  • High power (30 dBm) radio
  • Proprietary protocol (iPoll)
  • Zero loss design
  • Integrated surge protection
  • N-Connectors for external antenna
  • 1 x 1000 Base-T (passive PoE 24V)

Hotspot Support- From v7.52, the Infinity firmware can be used on LigoDLB devices for outdoor hotspot and related applications. The firmware upgrade converts the DLB base station from a PTP/PTMP device into an access point for outdoor client WiFi.

You can find the DLB 5ac datasheet here.

WLAN standard IEEE 802.11a/n/ac, iPoll 3
Radio mode MIMO 2x2
Radio frequency band 5.150 - 5.850 GHz (FCC 5.150 - 5.250 and 5.725 - 5.850 GHz)
Transmit power Up to 30 dBm (country dependent)
Channel size 5,10, 20, 40, 80 MHz
Modulation schemes 802.11a/n: OFDM (64-QAM, 16-QAM, QPSK, BPSK)
802.11ac: OFDM (256-QAM, 64-QAM, 16-QAM, QPSK, BPSK)
Data rates 802.11ac @ 40MHz: 400, 360, 300, 270, 240, 180, 120, 90, 60, 30Mbps
802.11ac @ 80MHz: 866, 780, 650, 585, 520, 390, 260, 195, 130, 65Mbps
Error correction FEC, LDPC
Duplexing scheme Time division duplex
Type External N-connectors
Gain Antenna dependent
Interface 10/100/1000 Base-T, RJ45
Dimensions 150mm, 115mm, 55mm
Weight 450 g
Mounting Combination wall / pole mount with quick swap bracket included
Power supply 24VDC passive PoE (AC to 24VDC adapter is included in the package)
Power source 100 – 240 VAC
Power consumption (max) 10 W
Operating temperature -40C ~ +65C
Humidity 0 ~ 90 % (non-condensing)
System monitoring SNMP v3, Syslog, Web UI, WNMS
Certification FCC/IC/CE
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