Mikrotik KNOT IoT Gateway TCP Bridge LR8 Kit - RB924iR-2nD-BT5+BG77+R11e-LR8

MikroTik RB924iR-2nD-BT5&BG77&R11e-LR8

Mikrotik KNOT IoT Gateway TCP Bridge LR8 Kit - RB924iR-2nD-BT5+BG77+R11e-LR8
Mikrotik KNOT IoT Gateway TCP Bridge LR8 Kit - RB924iR-2nD-BT5+BG77+R11e-LR8 Main Image
Mikrotik KNOT IoT Gateway TCP Bridge LR8 Kit - RB924iR-2nD-BT5+BG77+R11e-LR8 package contents
Mikrotik KNOT IoT Gateway TCP Bridge LR8 Kit - RB924iR-2nD-BT5+BG77+R11e-LR8 product 
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Manufacturer SKU: RB924iR-2nD-BT5&BG77&R11e-LR8

Manufacturer: MikroTik

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Mikrotik KNOT IoT Gateway TCP Bridge LR8 Kit - RB924iR-2nD-BT5+BG77+R11e-LR8

The Mikrotik KNOT LR8 kit is an out-of-the-box IoT gateway solution for LoRa technology that boasts both Narrow Band and CAT-M interfaces. The KNOT LR8 is supported by most mobile operators around the world thanks to its low bandwidth cellular connection, and is pre-installed with a UDP packet forwarder for use with any private or public LoRa server.

Support is also available for up to 8 different channels, Listen Before Talk (LBT), and spectral scan features which add to the versatility of the KNOT LR8. The LoRa 8 Kit can act as a low-cost management channel or backup connection on ethernet for your network as NB/CAT-M plans are often cheaper than LTE. High bandwith LTE contracts are not necessary as you can manage low-use, KNOT-powered devices for just a few megabytes per day.

The KNOT LR8 features a wide range of connectivity options to suit your needs; 2.4GHz WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa, 2x 10/100 ethernet ports (PoE-in and PoE-out), and Micro-USB. The bluetooth interface can be used in asset-tracking scenarios and the KNOT supports any BLE tag that sends advertisement data (e.g. iBeacon, Eddystone, etc). Powerful filters ensure that only the relevant packets are forwarded and the rest are ignored.

The onboard GPIOs allow the LR8 kit to interact with analogue sensors, a single onboard computer or other custom electronics. There is also a DIN rail mount included with the kit that allows for easy integration with a wide variety of setups.

Product codeRB924iR-2nD-BT5&BG77&R11e-LR8
CPU core count1
CPU nominal frequency650MHz
RouterOS license4
Operating SystemRouterOS
Size of RAM64MB
Storage size128MB
Storage typeNAND
Tested ambient temperature-40°C to 70°C
MicroUSB Input Voltage5V
Number of DC Inputs3 (DC jack, PoE-IN, MicroUSB)
DC jack input Voltage12-57V
Max power consumption20W
Max power consumption without attachments5W
Fan count None - passive cooling
PoE in802.3af/at
PoE input Voltage18-57V
PoE Out
PoE out portsEther 2
PoE out standard802.3af/at
Wireless 2.4GHz max data rate300Mbps
Wireless 2.4GHz chains2
Wireless 2.4GHz standards802.11b/g/n
Wireless 2.4GHz antenna gain1.5dBi
Wireless 2.4GHz chip modelQCA9531
Wireless 2.4GHz generationWiFi 4
10/100 Ethernet ports2
Number of SIM slots1 Modem (Nano SIM)
MiniPCI-e slots1
Serial console portRS485
Number of USB ports1
USB slot typemicroUSB type AB
Max USB current1A
PCB temperature monitorYes
Voltage MonitorYes
Bluetooth version5.2
Bluetooth RF connector typeuUFL
CertificationsCE, EAC, ROHS

Wireless Specifications
2.4GHzTransmit (dBm)Receive Sensitivity

Ethernet test results:
RB924iR-2nD-BT5&BG77&R11e-LR8 QCA9531 100M two-port test
Mode Configuration 1518 byte 512 byte 64 byte
kpps Mbps kpps Mbps kpps Mbps
Bridging none (fast path) 16.3 197.9 47.0 192.5 297.6 152.4
Bridging 25 bridge filter rules 16.3 197.9 47.0 192.5 80.4 41.2
Routing none (fast path) 16.3 197.9 47.0 192.5 233.1 119.3
Routing 25 simple queues 16.3 197.9 47.0 192.5 131.4 67.3
Routing 25 ip filter rules 16.3 197.9 47.0 192.5 49.1 25.1
  • 1 x KNOT LR8 Kit(RB924iR-2nD-BT5+BG77+R11e-LR8)
  • 1 x 24V 1.2A power adaptor
  • 1 x Wall mount set
  • 1 x DIN rail mount set
  • 1 x USB OTG cable
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MikroTik LR8 kit RB924i-2nD-BT5&BG77&R11e-LR8 Datasheet

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