Ubiquiti UISP Fiber XGS/XG Optical Transceiver - UACC-UF-OM-XGS


Ubiquiti UISP Fiber XGS/XG Optical Transceiver - UACC-UF-OM-XGS
Ubiquiti UISP Fiber XGS/XG Optical Transceiver - UACC-UF-OM-XGS Main Image
Ubiquiti UISP Fiber XGS/XG Optical Transceiver - UACC-UF-OM-XGS package contents
Ubiquiti UISP Fiber XGS/XG Optical Transceiver - UACC-UF-OM-XGS product 
Ubiquiti UISP Fiber XGS/XG Optical Transceiver - UACC-UF-OM-XGS inside view
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Manufacturer SKU: UACC-UF-OM-XGS

Manufacturer: Ubiquiti Inc

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At a Glance:

  • 10 Gbps optical transceiver module designed for the UISP Fiber OLT XGS
  • 10 Gbps throughput
  • Compatible with UISP Fiber OLT XGS, UISP Fiber XGS/XG
  • Supports connections up to 20 km*

*Fiber cable is not included.

Introducing the UISP Fiber XGS/XG Optical Transceiver, a game-changer in the world of fiber optic networking. This cutting-edge optical transceiver is designed to supercharge your network's performance, delivering lightning-fast connectivity and reliability in a compact and versatile package.

Exceptional Speed: The UISP Fiber XGS/XG Optical Transceiver is engineered to provide gigabit and multi-gigabit speeds, ensuring that your network can effortlessly handle high-bandwidth applications and data-intensive tasks.

Plug-and-Play Ease: Effortlessly install this transceiver into compatible Ubiquiti devices and immediately experience the benefits of boosted network performance. Its user-friendly design makes setup simple.

Robust and Reliable: Crafted with precision and built to last, this transceiver guarantees consistent and dependable performance, even during peak network demands.

Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a range of Ubiquiti devices, this transceiver effortlessly integrates into your existing fiber optic infrastructure, extending its lifespan and capabilities.

Compact Form Factor: The UISP Fiber XGS/XG Optical Transceiver boasts a compact design that ensures it won't dominate your network equipment setup. Its discreet profile blends seamlessly into your networking environment.

Scalability: Whether you're operating a small office or a large-scale enterprise network, this transceiver supports network growth, offering scalability to meet your evolving connectivity needs.

Supported mediaSingle-mode fiber
Connector type(1) SC/UPC
TX wavelength1,577nm
RX wavelength1,270nm
TX power range+4 to +7 dBm
RX power range-9 to -26 dBm
Downlink data rate10 Gbps
Uplink data rate10 Gbps (XGS) / 2.5 Gbps (XG)
Max. power consumption2.6W
Max. cable distance20 km
Operating temperature0 to 70° C (32 to 158° F)
Storage temperature-40 to 85° C (-40 to 185° F)
PackagingSingle pack
WARNINGCLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT, IEC/EN 60825-1:2014 - Do not look into the ends of the fiber/optical cable or the SFP module while the converters are powered.
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Ubiquiti UISP UACC-UF-OM-XGS Datasheet

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