Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD Home Mesh Router WiFi AFi-R (UK Version)

Ubiquiti Networks AFi-R-UK

Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD Home Mesh Router WiFi AFi-R (UK Version)
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Manufacturer SKU: AFi-R-UK

Manufacturer: Ubiquiti Networks

Price£113.00 EXC VAT£111.87 EXC VAT£110.74 EXC VAT£109.05 EXC VAT£107.35 EXC VATCall Us 01449 724255

The AmpliFi HD Router is part of Ubiquiti's residential mesh wireless range. The AFI-R-UK is designed to provide maximum Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home and can have AmpliFi HD Mesh Points added to boost the coverage. The router includes a smart LCD screen so you can quickly check your network metrics including current and total throughput. The HD Mesh Points also include LED signal strength indicators. Use the AMPLIFI mobile app for instant set-up and easy management; it is available from

You can find the AmpliFi data sheet here.

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Dimensions99.5 x 97.8 x 99.6 mm (3.91 x 3.85 x 3.92")
410 g (14.46 oz)
Max. TX Power26 dBm
MIMO Chains6
Speed1750 Mbps
Networking InterfaceWi-Fi/Gigabit Ethernet (1) WAN, (4) LAN
Max. Power Consumption11W
ESD/EMP Protection+- 24kV Air/Contact
Antennas(1) Dual-Band Antenna, Tri-Polarity
Display40.6 mm (1.6") Diagonal, 240 x 240, 212 ppi, G+F Touch, Full Color
Wi-Fi Standards802.11ac
Power SaveSupported
Wireless SecurityWPA2-PSK AES/TKIP
Operating Temperature-10 to 55 Deg C
Operating Humidity5 to 95% Noncondensing
CertificationsFCC / CE / IC
Supported Data Rates (Mbps)
802.11ac13 Mbps to 1300 Mbps (MCS0 - MCS9, VHT 20/40/80)
802.11n6.5 Mbps to 450 Mbps (MCS0 - MCS23, HT 20/40)
802.11a6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54 Mbps
802.11b1, 2, 5.5, 11 Mbps
802.11g6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54 Mbps
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Max 18 days ago
The router has performed well with a large number of users at the same time. This is good piece of kit for our meeting hall and keeps all users connected with no problems logging in.
Alan 18 days ago
It sounds a bit sad to say you actually love a router, doesn’t it? But I do! The hobbled routers ISPs saddle consumers with do not fulfil the potential of a broadband connection, having put my dreadful Virgin Media router in modem mode and plugged it into my new Amplifi router this step changed my experience - once I added a second Amplifi router in slave mode to cover my upper floors it’s made for an unbelievably stable and fast network. Knowing I can add access points or additional routers to cover hotspots - it’s just a great system and so easy to set up!
Mike 1 year ago
I had a real challenge with the site I used this kit on and was a little worried as they are a very demanding customer. Fitted the kit in a few hours and I have not heard a peep from them, result! brilliant product and service.
alan 2 years ago
Brilliant a great product if you don’t have any prerun cables
lyttle s 2 years ago
Great unit and easy to set up and great improvement on Sky broadband very happy with this.
Matthew 3 years ago
I was having terrible trouble with the out-of-the box Virgin router, it couldn't even supply half the speed I was paying for, and most of the upstairs of our old 1930s house couldn't even get a signal. After lots of research I concluded that a mesh wifi system was the best option for our old house, and bought the Amplifi HD even though it was out of budget. I'm glad I did: the router alone solved all the dead spot problems, and by adding the second mesh point I now get full speed internet in the office which before was only getting about 20% at best. Fantastic product, well worth the investment.
Konstantinos 3 years ago
Excellent little router, bought it in anticipation of the imminent upgrade of our cabinet to FTTC, but even with just 2Mbps and no explicit QoS settings to tweak everyone in the house noticed that WiFi is more useable especially with concurrent use.
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