Icotera WiFi 5 i3550 Series Residential Access Point - i3550

Icotera i3550

Icotera WiFi 5 i3550 Series Residential Access Point - i3550
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Icotera WiFi 5 i3550 Series Residential Access Point - i3550 package contents
Icotera WiFi 5 i3550 Series Residential Access Point - i3550 product 
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Manufacturer SKU: i3550

Manufacturer: Icotera

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Icotera WiFi 5 i3550 Series Residential Access Point

At a Glance:

  • State of the art 4x4 Wave-2 MU-MIMO WiFi
  • Client roaming
  • Meshing
  • Beamforming
  • Band steering
  • Ease of use & installation
  • Vendor independent
  • Award-winning industrial design

The Icotera i3550 WiFi 5 Access Point is the ultimate solution for seamless and efficient networking, designed to provide you with a robust and hassle-free connectivity experience. With its array of advanced features and user-friendly design, the i3550 is the perfect choice for homes and businesses seeking high-performance wireless networking.

Effortless Remote Management:

The i3550 supports CWMP (TR-069, TR-181) for easy remote management, allowing operators to monitor and debug the network efficiently. Additionally, local Web UI configuration ensures a hassle-free setup by end-users.

Versatile Connectivity:

Featuring two Gigabit LAN ports with full IGMP and multicast support, the i3550 allows easy in-home installation and network expansion. Enjoy seamless connectivity for all your devices without compromising on speed.

Simple Plug n' Play Installation:

Designed for easy installation by end-users, the i3550 is a plug n' play device that effortlessly configures itself and other Icotera network products. Say goodbye to complicated configurations and welcome a seamless networking experience.

Secure Guest Access:

Protect your private network from untrusted devices with the Icotera i3550's guest access feature, available on both cabled and wireless media. You can have peace of mind knowing your network remains secure at all times.

Backward Compatibility:

The i3550 is fully compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless standards, ensuring seamless connectivity with a wide range of devices.

Multi SSID for Different Users:

Create multiple SSIDs effortlessly, granting different users access to the internet network. With a click of a button, you can even create public hotspots for guests.

Designed for Operators and Customers:

The i3550 is designed with both operators and end-users in mind. Operators can provide full remote access for monitoring and debugging, while customers enjoy a seamless networking experience.

Advanced Wireless Security:

Your network stays protected with WPA2-PSK and WPA2-802.1x wireless security, ensuring your data remains safe and secure.

Power Efficiency:

The i3550 is power-efficient and automatically enters Network standby mode when there is no LAN or wireless activity, conserving energy and reducing your environmental impact.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design:

With its sleek form and shape, the i3550 boasts excellent design attributes. Moreover, it uses LEDs intuitively, lighting up only when there is something important to convey.

High-Data Transmission:

Enjoy secured and prioritised high-data connections between the i3550 and other devices, enhancing the distribution of WiFi throughout your home and ensuring a superior Quality of Experience for the end-user.

Experience the power of seamless and efficient networking with the Icotera i3550 WiFi 5 Access Point. Elevate your connectivity to new heights, whether it's for streaming, gaming, or work, and embrace a future of robust and reliable wireless networking.

i3550 Specifications
LAN INTERFACE 2 RJ45 connectors 10/100/1000 Base T(X)
Auto-negotiation for speed and duplex
Jumbo packets
LAYER 2 16 bridge instances
64 byte forwarding at line rate
Jumbo 9k packets
IGMP v1/v2/v3 snooping
802.1p marking
VLAN support
WiFi support
Transparent IPv6 forwarding
2k address entries
802.11ac WiFi

802.11AC Wave-2 4x4:4 MU-MIMO
5 GHz band w/QAM256 and 80 MHz
Authentication methods - Open - 802.1x - WPA2
Up to 4 SSIDs
MAC filtering
Advanced channel selection
Background DFS scan
Software Tx power control
Extensive monitoring
Neighbour scanning
Wireless Client Isolation
Airtime management
Client roaming
WiFi Multimedia

802.11bgn WiFi

802.11B/G/N 2x2:2 MIMO
2.4 GHz band w/QAM64 and 40 MHz
Authentication methods - Open - 802.1x - WEP64 - WEP128 - WPA - WPA2
Up to 4 SSIDs
MAC filtering
Advanced channel selection
Software Tx power control
Extensive monitoring
Neighbour scanning
Wireless Client Isolation
Wi-Fi Multimedia

QoS 8 queues
Layer 2 and 3 QoS features - Packet classification marking - Queuing - Scheduling - Rate-limiting
Marking and Queuing w/ 802.1p, ToS, DiffServ classification
MANAGEMENT & MONITORING Shared or separate IP interface (VLAN or virtual) for management
L1-L3 filters for all local services
End-user oriented web interface (configurable) - Wi-Fi - LAN network
TR-069 supporting - TR-181 (Network)
SNMP v1/v2 (IF-MIB, ICOTERA private MIB)
Extensive debug possibilities
Packet dumping
All settings are stored locally in flash
Zero-touch configuration with DHCP/TFTP or TR-069 or via the local gateway
Automatic firmware and configuration update (polling)
Dual bank firmware w/ fail-safe upgrading
Operating temperature: 0 – 45°C
Storage temperature: -20 – 85°C
Humidity: 5% – 95% (non-condensing)
PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS Front RGB LEDs configurable by operator and/or end-user: Power/ WAN status (link/traffic/provisioning) - Wi-Fi - LAN status LEDs (link/traffic, duplex) per interface
LED auto off
WPS button


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