RF elements Asymmetrical Horn CC Antenna 30 degrees - AH30-CC

RF elements AH30-CC

RF elements Asymmetrical Horn CC Antenna 30 degrees - AH30-CC
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RF elements Asymmetrical Horn CC Antenna 30 degrees - AH30-CC package contents
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RF elements Asymmetrical Horn CC Antenna 30 degrees - AH30-CC

The HG3-CC-A30 is part of the range of game-changing RF elements Asymmetrical antennas. It posses an elliptical, 30 degree, beam cross-section that is wide in the azimuth but narrow in the elevation plane which greatly improves coverage planning options. The horn-shaped design provides excellent noise rejection by focusing the energy from the radio into a single main beam - eliminating the side lobes that would normally be present. This makes the HG3-CC-A30 perfect for high density deployments where side lobes would normally cause interference between co-located radios.


  • Unique Asymmetrical Beam - 30 degree elliptical that is wide in azimuth and narrow in the elevation plane.
  • No Side Lobes - Optimized design naturally supresses side lobes.
  • Wide Band Performance - Radiation pattern is stable over the whole operational bandwidth
  • Balanced H+V Beams - Horizontal and Vertical beam patterns are balanced for stable link performance when switching channels
  • Gain Performance - Higher gain compared to symmetrical antennas with the same beamwidth
  • Perfect Coverage Pattern - Reduced null zone compared to traditional patch-array sector antennas
  • Expanded Scalability - Unique beam performance, precise radiation patterns, and increased gain push system scalability even further

Technical Data
Radio Conntection2x N Female Bulkhead Connector
Antenna TypeHorn
MaterialsUV Resistant ABS Plastic, Polycarbonate, HDPE, Stainless Steel
Pole Mounting Diameter36-80mm (recommended as close to 80mm as possible)
Temperature-35C to +55C
Wind Survival160km/hour
Wind Loading67N at 160km/hour
Mechanical Adjustment+/-25 degrees elevation, +/-20 degrees azimuth
Weight4.5 kg - Single unit
6.6kg - Single unit including packaging
Single UnitRetail Box: 435 × 360 × 250 mm
Frequency Range5180-6000MHz
Gain20.5 dBi
Azimuth Beam Width -3 dBH 21 degrees / V 21 degrees
Elevation Beam Width -3 dBH 15 degrees / V 15 degrees
Azimuth Beam Width -6 dBH 30 degrees / V 30 degrees
Elevation Beam Width -6 dBH 20 degrees / V 20 degrees
Beam Efficiency95%
Front-to-Back Ratio35 db
VSWR Max 5180-6000 MHz1.8
PolarizationDual Linear H + V
Impedance50 Ohm
  • 1x AH-CC-Body
  • 1x Bracket Base UBR
  • 1x Bracket Ring UBR
  • 1x AH-CC Bracket Arm
  • 1x Pole Mount Bracket
  • Screws For Mounting
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