Ubiquiti UISP Wave Access Point - Wave-AP

Ubiquiti Wave-AP

Ubiquiti UISP Wave Access Point - Wave-AP
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Manufacturer: Ubiquiti Inc

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The Ubiquiti Wave-AP 60 GHz PtMP access point, powered by Wave Technology, is a remarkable piece of networking hardware that can seamlessly connect up to 15 stations with high-speed internet. The Wave Access Point has a total throughput of up to 5.4 Gbps (2.7 Gbps. Full Duplex)

Note: As this is a Point to Multi-Point unit, the throughput to each client will vary depending on signal strengths, distances and total number of clients serviced.

The Ubiquiti Wave-AP has a high-performance 5 GHz backup radio to ensure an uninterrupted connection, even during power outages. In addition, the device is equipped with a Bluetooth radio, which allows for easy setup through the UISP® Mobile app.

The UISP Wave-AP also comes with two WAN ports, including one 10G SFP+ port and one 2.5GbE port, which enable high-speed connectivity. The access point also has an integrated GPS antenna that helps with location tracking and provides accurate timestamps.

Link planning support is also available through the ISP Design Centre. This enables network engineers to design, plan and implement their networks with greater accuracy and reliability. With all these features and functionalities, the Ubiquiti Wave-AP 60 GHz PtMP access point is an excellent choice for high-speed internet connectivity.


  • 5 GHz backup radio
  • WAN Ports: (1) 10G SFP+, (1) 2.5GbE
  • Integrated GPS antenna
  • Link planning support via the ISP Design Centre
Dimensions 212 x 205 x 187 mm (8.3 x 8.1 x 7.4")
Weight 2.3 kg (5.07 lb)
Enclosure materials Aluminum alloy, UV stabilized polycarbonate
Pole mount diameter 25 to 76 mm (1 to 3") on pipe outer diameter
Wind loading 98 N at 200 km/h (22 lbf at 125 mph)
Weatherproofing IPX6
Processor Quad ARM® Cortex®-A53 cores at 1.4 GHz
Memory DDR3L 512 MB
Networking interface (1) 2.5GbE RJ45 port (100/1000/2500)*
(1) 10G SFP+ port (1/10)
* Active only when SFP+ port is down.
Max. power consumption 24W
Power method 48V DC passive PoE 4-pairs (1, 2+; 3, 6-) (4, 5+; 7, 8-) or 2-pairs (4, 5+; 7, 8-)
24V DC passive PoE 4-pairs (1, 2+; 3, 6-) (4, 5+; 7, 8-)
Power supply 48V DC, 0.65A 2.5GbE PoE adapter (included)
Button Factory reset
LEDs Power, Ethernet, GPS
Operating temperature -40 to 60° C (-40 to 140° F)
Operating humidity 5 to 95% noncondensing
Certifications FCC, IC, CE
OS airOS®
Operating mode PtMP access point
Ubiquiti specific features Wave AI, discovery protocol
Services UISP, ping watchdog, NTP client, SNMP
Tools Antenna alignment, discovery utility, ping, trace route, speed test
Network Bridge mode
Software management Bluetooth management for easy setup over UISP Mobile app
Minimum software requirements Any modern web browser/iOS™ or Android™ based smartphone
Total throughput 5.4 Gbps (2.7 Gbps duplex)
Supported clients count 15
Range Connecting to a Wave Long-Range: up to 8 km
Connecting to a Wave Nano: up to 5 km
Encryption WPA2-PSK (AES)
Operating frequency* 57 to 71 GHz
*Depends on regulatory region.
Channel bandwidth 2160, 1080 MHz
Operating channels* 58320, 59400, 60480, 61560, 62640, 63720, 64800, 65880, 66960, 68040, 69120, 70200 MHz
*Depends on regulatory region.
Modulation 16QAM, QPSK
Antenna gain 24 dBi
Polarization Vertically linear
Beamwidth Azimuth: 30°
Elevation: 3 dB 3°, 6 dB 4°
Electrical downtilt
Back-Up RF
WiFi standard 802.11ax (WiFi 6)
Operating frequency*


U-NII-1 5150 - 5250 MHz
U-NII-2A 5250 - 5350 MHz
U-NII-2C 5470 - 5725 MHz
U-NII-3 5725 - 5850 MHz

5150 - 5875 MHz
*Depends on regulatory region.
Channel bandwidth 20, 40, 80 MHz
Modulation BPSK (1⁄2), QPSK (1⁄2), QPSK (3⁄4), 16QAM (1⁄2), 16QAM (3⁄4), 64QAM (2⁄3), 64QAM (3⁄4), 64QAM (5⁄6), 256QAM (3⁄4), 256QAM (5⁄6), 1024QAM (3⁄4), 1024QAM (5⁄6)
Antenna gain 12 dBi
Cross-pol isolation 10 dB
Electric downtilt
Power Flashing white: bootup in progress
White: not connected to UISP application
Blue: connected to UISP application
Flashing blue: locate in progress
Blue/white: firmware upgrade in progress
Ethernet Flashing white: Ethernet traffic detected
Flashing blue: SFP+ traffic detected
GPS Blue: receiving at least (4) GPS satellite signal


  • 1x Wave AP
  • 1x Pole Mount Kit (Screws Included)
  • 1x Zip Tie
  • 1x Gigabit PoE Adapter (48V, 0.65A)
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