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LinITX is offering a 'Not For Resale' promotion, in collaboration with TP-Link.

What is TP-Link NFR?

TP-Link NFR (Not For Resale) products are a discounted lineup of the most popular TP-Link Omada devices that offer an extra saving for partners and installers who intend to explore and use the Omada Cloud Controller platform.

This special offer is tailored for Networking installers and IT companies eager to explore the capabilities of the Omada Cloud Controller platform for their clients.

Save Up to 40%

To take advantage of this promotion, you must initially obtain approval from TP-Link by clicking below:

TP-Link NFR Application Form (Click the link to apply)

During the application process, remember to select 'LinITX' as your preferred supplier for the NFR demo kit (shown below).

TP-Link will assess your application and notify you of their decision. Upon approval, TP-Link will inform us and assign a unique reference number to you.

LinITX will reach out to you as soon as we receive confirmation from TP-Link.

It's crucial to have a controller for managing your network. If you haven't got one yet, ensure to include in your application the OC200 hardware controller.

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