MikroTik RouterBoard 5 Port Gigabit Router - RB450Gx4/CASED (RouterOS L5)

MikroTik RB450Gx4/CASED

MikroTik RouterBoard 5 Port Gigabit Router - RB450Gx4/CASED (RouterOS L5)
MikroTik RouterBoard 5 Port Gigabit Router - RB450Gx4/CASED (RouterOS L5) Main Image
MikroTik RouterBoard 5 Port Gigabit Router - RB450Gx4/CASED (RouterOS L5) package contents

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Manufacturer SKU: RB450Gx4/CASED

Manufacturer: MikroTik

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MikroTik RB450Gx4/CASED 5 Port Gigabit Router

This is a cased version of the Mikrotik RB450Gx4 comprised of the RB450Gx4 board and Mikrotik CA/150 case

The MikroTik RouterBoard 450Gx4 is a 5 port Gigabit Ethernet router featuring a serial port, 512 MB NAND memory and a microSD card slot. In addition, the 450Gx4 a wide range of voltage input, from 10 V to 57 V via either of its two power jacks or PoE in on port 1 (802.3af/ at or passive PoE). It can also provide PoE out on Ethernet port 5.

The 450Gx4 is powered by MikroTik RouterOS. It comes as a bare board for flexibility, you are free to use your own chassis or the MikroTik RB450/RB850 minirouter Indoor Case as the board form factor is identical to the previous RB850 and RB450 series.

The RB450Gx4 is powered by a quad core ARM CPU, has 1 GB of RAM and supports hardware IPsec encryption. Powered by RouterOS - you can turn this powerful system into a highly sophisticated router, firewall or bandwidth manager.


Product code RB450Gx4
Architecture ARM 32bit
CPU IPQ-4019
CPU core count 4
CPU nominal frequency 716 MHz
Dimensions 90 x 115 mm
License level 5
Operating System RouterOS
Size of RAM 1 GB
Storage size 512 MB
Storage type NAND
Tested ambient temperature -40C .. +70C
Max Power consumption 5W
PoE in 802.3af/at
PoE out Passive PoE
PoE in input Voltage 12-57 V
Number of DC inputs 3 (DC jack, PoE-IN)
DC jack input Voltage 10-57 V
10/100/1000 Ethernet ports 5
Memory card type microSD
Serial port RS232
PCB temperature monitor Yes
Voltage Monitor Yes

Ethernet test results:

RB450Gx4IPQ-4019 1G all port test
ModeConfiguration1518 byte512 byte64 byte
Bridgingnone (fast path)162.51973.4469.91924.71482.6759.1
Bridging25 bridge filter rules162.51973.4339.41390.2344176.1
Routingnone (fast path)162.51973.4469.91924.71452.6743.7
Routing25 simple queues162.51973.4468.31918.2473.8242.6
Routing25 ip filter rules162.51973.4235.3963.8231.3118.4

IPsec test results:

RB450Gx4IPQ-4018 IPsec throughput
ModeConfiguration1400 byte512 byte64 byte
Single tunnelAES-128-CBC + SHA137.9424.559241.761.631.5
256 tunnelsAES-128-CBC + SHA136403.238.5157.739.820.4
256 tunnelsAES-128-CBC + SHA25636403.238.5157.739.820.4
256 tunnelsAES-256-CBC + SHA134.4385.337.9155.239.820.4
256 tunnelsAES-256-CBC + SHA25634.4385.337.9155.239.820.4
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