MikroTik RouterBoard cAP LITE - RBcAPL-2nD

MikroTik RBcAPL-2nD

MikroTik RouterBoard cAP LITE - RBcAPL-2nD
MikroTik RouterBoard cAP LITE - RBcAPL-2nD Main Image
MikroTik RouterBoard cAP LITE - RBcAPL-2nD package contents
MikroTik RouterBoard cAP LITE - RBcAPL-2nD product 
MikroTik RouterBoard cAP LITE - RBcAPL-2nD inside view
MikroTik RouterBoard cAP LITE - RBcAPL-2nD front of product
MikroTik RouterBoard cAP LITE - RBcAPL-2nD rear of product
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Manufacturer SKU: RBcAPL-2nD

Manufacturer: MikroTik

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The MikroTik cAP lite is a small, sleek, access point derived from the cAP-2nD. Its size and ability to be customised makes it perfect for public locations and businesses, such as; hotels, airports, shopping malls, convention centres, reception areas and more. Included with the cAP LITE are two easily-swappable casings or you can design your own to fit in with your environment. MikroTik are providing 3D printer friendly design files found here. (Zip file, 7.4Mb)

The cAP LITE supports 802.11b/g/n and power over ethernet. It's a perfect companion for the MikroTik CAPsMAN (controlled AP system manager), allowing you to control all your AP devices from one central location. The cAP lite can also be used as a stand alone access point with all of the features of RouterOS.

MikroTik RBcAPL-2nD Specifications

10/100 Ethernet ports
10/100/1000 Ethernet ports
Antenna gain
CPU core count
CPU nominal frequency
650 MHz
Wall case: 88 x 52 x 20 mm Ceiling case: ?88 mm x 20 mm
Ethernet Combo ports
License level
Max power consumption (W)
4 W
Number of DC inputs
Number of SIM slots
Number of USB ports
Operating System
PoE in
PoE in input Voltage
10-60 V
SFP ports
SFP+ ports
Size of RAM
64 MB
Storage size
16 MB
USB slot type
microUSB type AB
Wireless 1 band
2.4 GHz
Wireless 1 Number of chains

Included parts:

  • Fastening set
  • 24V 0.8A power adapter
  • PoE injector
Moreland 2 years ago
Does what it says on the tin works very well and extremely well placed cost wise
James 5 years ago
The cAP LITE is a nice product from Mikrotik. The AP itself is very small, you could fit two on a playing card. The cover for the AP is quite small as well, which helps it hide in many locations. The AP comes with a bracket for attaching it to a wall, but it's small enough that you could use 3M command adhesive and it wouldn't fall off. The cAP also comes with a PoE injector if your network doesn't supply PoE on its own. The AP has enough room to attach a cat-5 cable easily, however a moulded plastic RJ45 connector might struggle to fit into the enclosure easily (same with a metallic shielded CAT6 type RJ45 connector). I used a self-wired one and it fit, due to a bit more flexibility around the connector. The AP runs Mikrotik's RouterOS, so is fully featured. I run the cAP LITE as a secondary AP in my house, and use the ACL functions to improve the speed of station handover. The only downside I have found is the GUI for RouterOS is sometimes a bit unresponsive on these items - sometimes they need a power-cycle to come back to life - despite continuing to output a wifi signal they can't be logged into.
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