MikroTik hAP ax2 WiFi 6 Router Access Point (802.11ax) - C52iG-5HaxD2HaxD-TC

MikroTik C52iG-5HaxD2HaxD-TC

MikroTik hAP ax2 WiFi 6 Router Access Point (802.11ax) - C52iG-5HaxD2HaxD-TC
MikroTik hAP ax2 WiFi 6 Router Access Point (802.11ax) - C52iG-5HaxD2HaxD-TC Main Image
MikroTik hAP ax2 WiFi 6 Router Access Point (802.11ax) - C52iG-5HaxD2HaxD-TC package contents
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Manufacturer SKU: C52iG-5HaxD2HaxD-TC

Manufacturer: MikroTik

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MikroTik hAP ax² WiFi 6 Router Access Point (802.11ax) - C52iG-5HaxD2HaxD-TC

Introducing the hAP ax² WiFi 6 router - one of the smallest form factor, fully-featured 802.11ax routers on the market, offering all of the advanced features and build quality we've come to expect from MikroTik hAP series routers.

The MikroTik hAP ax2 features a modern quad-core ARM CPU running at 864 MHz, combined with a solid 1GB of RAM, more than enough when it comes to heavy operations like complex firewall rules, IPsec hardware encryption, using more threads or getting the most out of the advanced RouterOS features. The hAP ax2 also features WPA3 advanced encryption support, giving you peace of mind and additional security.

The hAP ax2 has 5 x Gigabit Ethernet ports, port 1 also features PoE in/out for those users who need Power Over Ethernet. The hAP ax² also features a strong dual-band, dual-chain wireless 4-4.5 dBi radio.

Mounting options for the hAP ax² are also versatile, offering both horizontal and vertical desktop mounting, as well as wall mounting with the included accessories.

hAP ax2 Specifications
Product code C52iG-5HaxD2HaxD-TC
CPU Quad-Core IPQ-6010 864 MHz
CPU architecture ARM 64bit
Size of RAM 1GB
Storage 128 MB, NAND
Number of 1G Ethernet ports 5
Number of 1G Ethernet ports with PoE-out 1
Switch chip model IPQ-6010
Wireless interface model QCN-5052
Wireless 2.4 GHz 802.11ax dual-chain, 5 GHz 802.11 802.11ax dual-chain
Wireless antenna max gain 2.4 GHz (4.5 dBi), 5 GHz (4 dBi)
Dimensions 120 x 101 x 37 mm
Operating system RouterOS (v7 only), License level 4
Operating temperature -40°C to +50°C
Number of DC inputs 2 (PoE-in, DC jack)
PoE-in input Voltage 18-28 V
DC jack input Voltage 12-28 V
PoE-out Passive PoE Ether1, max out per port output (input < 30 V): 600mA
Max total out 0.6 A
Total output power 16.8 W
Power adapter nominal voltage 24 V
Power adapter nominal current 12 A
Max power consumption (without attachments) 12 W
Max power consumption 27 W
Wireless specifications
Rate (2.4 GHz) 1MBit/s Tx (dBm) 22 Rx (dBm) -100
11MBit/s Tx (dBm) 22 Rx (dBm) -94
6MBit/s Tx (dBm) 24 Rx (dBm) -96
54MBit/s Tx (dBm) 22 Rx (dBm) -80
MCS0 Tx (dBm) 24 Rx (dBm) -96
MCS7 Tx (dBm) 21 Rx (dBm) -75
MCS9 Tx (dBm) 19 Rx (dBm) -70
MCS11 Tx (dBm) 17 Rx (dBm) -67
Rate (5 GHz) 6MBit/s Tx (dBm) 23 Rx (dBm) -96
54MBit/s Tx (dBm) 20 Rx (dBm) -80
MCS0 Tx (dBm) 22 Rx (dBm) -96
MCS7 Tx (dBm) 19 Rx (dBm) -75
MCS9 Tx (dBm) 17 Rx (dBm) -70
MCS11 Tx (dBm) 15 Rx (dBm) -67


Box Contents:

  • 1 x hAP ax2 router
  • 1 x 24 V 1.2 A UK power adapter
  • 1 x Fastening set
  • 1 x Case base
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