1.  Ubiquiti 60GHz
  2.  Ubiquiti airFiber
  3.  Ubiquiti airMAX
  4.  Ubiquiti AmpliFi Mesh WiFi
  5.  Ubiquiti Antennas
  6.  Ubiquiti Bundles
  7.  Ubiquiti Cable
  8.  Ubiquiti Controller
  9.  Ubiquiti Fiber & SFPs
  10.  Ubiquiti GPON
  11.  Ubiquiti LTE
  12.  Ubiquiti LTU
  13.  Ubiquiti Mounting Accessories
  14.  Ubiquiti Network Switches
  15.  Ubiquiti Open Box
  16.  Ubiquiti Power
  17.  Ubiquiti Routers
  18.  Ubiquiti Spare Parts
  19.  Ubiquiti Training
  20.  Ubiquiti UISP
  21.  Ubiquiti UniFi
  22.  Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points
  23.  Ubiquiti Unifi LED
  24.  Ubiquiti UniFi VIDEO
  25.  Ubiquiti Wave
  26.  Ubiquiti WiFi 6
  27.  Ubiquiti WiFi 7
  28.  UniFi 6 (U6)
  29.  UniFi 7 (U7)
  30.  UniFi Access
  31.  UniFi Protect
  32.  UniFi Protect Cameras
  33.  UniFi Ultra

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UniFi Protect Cameras

Discover a new level of surveillance and security with a comprehensive range of Ubiquiti UniFi Protect Cameras available at LinITX.com
These hi-spec CCTV cameras from UniFi Protect redefine the way you monitor your surroundings, offering unmatched clarity, versatility, and control. Whether you're safeguarding your home, business, or any space in between, our selection of UniFi Protect Cameras caters to every need.
With advanced features and seamless integration into the UniFi ecosystem, these cameras provide real-time monitoring and peace of mind. Elevate your security setup with LinITX's Ubiquiti UniFi Protect Cameras and stay connected to what matters most.

LinITX is an official Ubiquiti UK Master Distributor and stocks the complete range of UniFi Protect Cameras, including the UniFi Protect G3 range of cameras, UniFi Protect G4, UniFi Protect G5 and UniFi Protect AI range of hi-def video cameras.

If you have any questions or need support with your Ubiquiti UniFi Protect Camera, please contact our technical team and we will be happy to assist.

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